Smart Home

Building a smart (or intelligent) home, was always a dream of mine. With a background in computer scientific and electrical engineering, this was more than just a hobby. Besides the fun I have when planning and installing it, a good smart home should make ones life easier. This page will talk about decision I have made and talk about components that I use throughout my house.


From day one of the house build there was a clear concept. Planning and having a clear vision is one of the most important things in such a build. YES, you can retrofit a smart home, but it ain’t no fun! Therefore many parts of my new home were included in the later smart home from the beginning:

  • Lights (Dimmable and/or switchable)
    • Walls
    • Ceiling
    • RGB, RGBW and WW/CW
  • Shutters
  • Floor Heating
  • Prescence Detector
  • Switchable Outlets

From day one, all of these components were fully integrated in the planning of the home being smart.


There are many technologies to realize a smart home. I chose KNX as it offers great flexibility and is well-established for many years.


IP Backend, 3 Lines.

  1. Basement / First Floor
  2. Second Floor / Attic
  3. Outdoors

Used actors (so far):

  • 4x AKS-2016.03
    1. Outdoors
      • Garage
      • Lights around the house
    2. Basement
      • Light (not dimmable)
    3. First Floor
      • Sockets (near windows and regular ones)
    4. Second Floor
      • Sockets (same as first floor)
      • Light in the attic
  • 2x JAL-0810D.02
    1. First Floor (8 channels)
    2. Second Floor (7 channels)
  • 4x AKD-0401.02 (more to come)
    • Dimmable light throughout the house, 2 for each floor
  • 1x AKD-0424R.02 (more to come)
    • Tunable white in stairwell
    • Bathroom 1: 2 LED channels
    • Bathroom 2: 3 LED channels
  • 2x AKH-0800.02
    1. First Floor
    2. Second Floor
  • 1x SCN-DALI32.03 – DALI Gateway
    • Maybe used later
  • 25x BE-02001.01
    1. Reed contact in all windows
  • 2x SCN-LK001.02
  • 1x SCN-IP100.03
  • 11x BE-GT2TW.01
  • 6x BE-GT20W.01
  • Later: Motion Detection Sensors / Presence Dectors for each room